My Process

My approach results in a comprehensive plan for your wealth goals and desires.  I know there's much more to wealth management than simply creating a portfolio and making investments.  My in-depth approach guides clients to customized strategies that extend beyond their investment portfolio.




Understanding Your Wealth

I begin my relationship with you by holistically understanding your wealth and assessing the potential interactions among your various assets and liabilities.

Assessing an investment portfolio without considering your business or other personal holdings may miss opportunities to try to mitigate risk and/or create value.

To me, this is a prerequisite to creating a wealth plan that most efficiently promotes your complex lifetime goals.


Organizing Your Wealth

It is rare that an investor takes full advantage of all the wealth structuring tools available.

I work with you to explicitly consider tax efficiency, trust structures, insurance, and unique, perhaps illiquid, assets so we can create plans that seek to preserve and enhance your wealth across generations.


Understanding Your Risk Tolerance

Your risk tolerance is a key determinant of long-term results and an input into customizing the mix of assets to you.

Determining which assets to include in a portfolio and their appropriate mix is a critical strategic decisionMy approach to asset allocation embraces the benefits of diversification among non- or weakly-correlated assets.

Ultimately, we are seeking to build strategies for your return needs that are consistent with your ability and willingness to take risk.


Investing Your Wealth

Robust planning processes need to be matched by robust ways of making the plans real.  I offer market access in all forms, which is critical to pursuing each client's particular wealth objectives.  I deliver those capabilities guided by the need to ensure they are aligned with my clients' interests.

Thus, implementation decisions occur at the end of my work with you, ensuring my objectivity throughout the plan design.


Monitor and Adjust Your Plan

My planning approach is designed to understand your needs, agree on goals, and establish the appropriate implementation approaches.

That plan creates the framework for investment management that is aligned with your interests and goals and establishes the basis for evaluating progress over time.

Stifel does not provide legal or tax advice.  You should consult with your legal and tax advisors regarding your particular situation.

Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against loss.